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The Cliff
(with apologies to E.A. Poe, and Calvin Trillin)







Once upon a cliff most dreary

Came a Congress o so weary

To avert the cliff financial

Fearing fiscal failure, leery

Of the voters searing, fearing, nearly tearing urgent wrath.

Enter Simpson, of Wyoming

In his Gangnam Youtube Styling

Dancing, with petitions mounting

Frustrated with Tea Party pouting

With Erskine Bowles he did the counting

Counting, counting, evermore!

The cliff! The cliff! Can be averted

If only reason be asserted

Not taken, taken, and perverted

By forces far of left and right

Who throw about frustrated might

Would delve us in to bankrupt night!

Of rates and loopholes much is made

The cause of compromise may fade

Unless good Simpson, Gangnam style

Undoes the gridlock with a smile

Reminding those in both high bodies

Their need to break with rank and file.

Simpson, Bowles, now resurrected?

Their reforms not first effected

But strangely now back from the dead

Parties both see what’s ahead

Rejecting pledges, statements sore

Raising rates an option, and what’s more?

The cliff it is still looming, looming

El Rushbo, still a’fuming, fuming

Frothing at John Boehner’s door

But this cliff need not be dooming

Looming at John Boehner’s door

Simpson’s path may guide you o’er.

Quoth the Norquist, nevermore?

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