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This email alert went out hours ago to fans of Ann Coulter. Note in the fine print, the publication refers to itself as a “conservative magazine” — with the scare quotes included. The punctuation is duly noted, and totally deserved. As opposed to the debates and exchange over political philosophy and government that were given a forum another conservative magazine (no scare quotes required), William F. Buckley Jr.’s National Review, these pretenders are doing discredit to a long line of political thought — not just embarrassing sensible conservatives, but damaging the political process as a whole.

Shut down the government, cause financial political chaos, throw your party into civil war…and then write books about it, to your own financial reward.





Ann Coulter Wants to Disband the GOP!?

The Government Shutdown highlighted the rifts in our party. Now the secret is out and the whispers are starting – could the conservatives be at war with the GOP? Ann Coulter thinks so! In her latest book, Coulter promises there is nothing in the book liberals could disagree upon. Instead, she focuses on the war within the Republican party.

Tea Partiers are causing a lot of commotion and leading pundits including Rush Limbaugh have called the GOP “irrelevant.” Sarah Palin has threatened to leave the party. Now, Coulter is exposing the rifts surfacing in the party, detailing why conservatives can’t trust their own. Ann Coulter, author of Never Trust a Liberal Over 3: Especially a Republicanappeared on Sean Hannity and if you haven’t seen it yet, believe us, it was EPIC!

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Whatever one’s views of Generals David Petraeus or John Allen, perhaps the most baffling aspect of this affair is how ignorant of, or susceptible to, these high ranking men are of modern communications technology. Petraeus thought he could hide his philandering emails using shared gmail drafts — avoiding direct computer-to-computer transmissions like traditional email and its digital point-to-point Internet Protocol trail.

This was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, mind you. I had a freshman student in my college communications class tonight give a presentation on Google’s sharing technologies which, apparently, surpassed Gen. Petraeus’ understanding. Woops.

And then there’s Gen. Allen. Who knows what he was doing with Tampa “socialite” Jill Kelley or anyone else in this unfolding soap opera. But over the span of a couple of years, who has time to send 20,000-30,000 pages of emails to anyone? Let alone someone running a war? I have to remind my students to turn off their smartphones and handhelds at the start of class; it appears no one was in a position to tell the head of the war in Afghanistan to spend less time emailing his “friend”  while his soldiers’ lives were on the line. The stereotypes about technology use and age just suffered a reality check with this evidence of Allen’s apparent email obsession and Petraeus’ outright ignorance.


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In the aftermath of the trouncing last Tuesday, some in the media and on the Right are finally beginning to examine the consequences of the conservative echo chamber. I’ve had friends who have been part of the conservative movement for decades complaining to me about this for years, and the chickens are — yes — finally coming home to roost. How far we’ve come from the days when an editor named William F. Buckley Jr. used media, like National Review and Firing Line (a program broadcast on PBS) to provide a forum for informed debate and exchange of ideas.

Insightful analysis here from POLITICO’s Jonathan Martin, and a personal portrait of one loyal GOPer’s personal bubble-bursting experience in the Post. And for reference, Bill Maher has been talking about this (with a literal bubble as a prop) for years.

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The debate tonight was a needed refresher after the dull performance last week. I’ve argued for years that the administration’s decision to muzzle the Veep was not in its best interest.

Biden was not just verbally aggressive on substance, but also effective in his nonverbals — in stark contrast to the President, who was seen as cold, disinterested, and not engaging. I might criticize Biden for his grins, which suggested a fatherly “oh come on now, young man,” but the spin from the Dems indicates they feel it was an effective way of telegraphing that the other fellow was lying, that his statements were, literally, laughable. Or for his scowls, which similarly expressed a fatherly disdain.

We also came close to a Lloyd Bentsen/Dan Quayle moment with the Veep calling out Ryan on his reference to John F. Kennedy. Biden didn’t know Jack Kennedy, but “Now you’re Jack Kennedy.”

Maybe the laughs were too much; decide for yourself.

Among my favorite moments was Joltin’ Joe confronting Ryan over his hypocrisy in requesting stimulus funds for his district while he voted against the underlying legislation. He was hardly the only GOPer to do this; happy to posture against spending, but then glad to take it.

Hopefully the next Presidential debates will be as lively. Veep debates rarely matter; the Quayle debate did — the Palin debate not as much, though the choice itself was of course controversial and “game changing.” Going back over history, it’s always interesting to note that even political junkies are hard pressed to name many Veeps, even, for example, any of Franklin Roosevelt’s over four terms, other than Harry Truman — and that despite FDR’s age and health. This VP race appears to be of a different category.

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My piece on the passing of Dick Clark ran today in POLITICO. Unfortunately they didn’t include one of my hyperlinks, which directed to Al Sharpton’s tribute from a few days ago. It’s worth watching and was part of what led me to write what I did today.

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On Hardball tonight we saw an interesting development in the anti-Romney crusade. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews seemed, awkwardly, to be defending Newt Gingrich’s attacks on the putative frontrunner, Mitt Romney. For all of Newt’s shortcomings, which I’ve written about earlier and heard plenty about on the media chatterbox, Newt seems to be garnering sympathy from some opinion leaders.

Blasted by what Matthews termed nonstop “swift-boat” attacks in Iowa, his fellow (converted) Catholic now might be garnering sympathy.

But…Gingrich’s claim to be a “true conservative” rings empty, no more or less than the other shapeshifters he shares the field with. Gingrich’s heir-to-Reagan claims have some serious vetting in order. His ’94 “revolution” decidedly did not pan out. Having someone like Matthews now acting as defender is, to be sure, an interesting twist.

But what we have now in the GOP field is a sequence of Harold Hill traveling salesmen who are promising boys’ bands when there’s nothing really there to deliver; we are facing a cast of pretenders to the throne of real conservatism. Ya’ Got Trouble.

Still, Newt — with his Saturday Night Live references and romancing (apparently) of folks like Matthews: Who knows. The bottom line is that the conservative movement’s train has gone off the rails. Trouble with a capital T.

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Bob Dole Memorial Third Person Award: Rick Perry, for referring to himself as Rick Perry. Cue Conan O’Brien.

Lt. Uhura Star Trek Award: Newt Gingrich, for defending the space program.

Block that Metaphor Award: Tie. Rick Santorum, for comparing our Federalist system a-la Jack Kemp to “laboratories of democracy” to “petri dishes” — and Michele Bachmann for comparing K Street and lobbying to Rodeo Drive.

Lloyd Bentsen Memorial “You’re no Jack Kennedy” Award: Mitt Romney, for noting that Newt Gingrich “Is a friend of mine.” Irony, anyone?

There Was A Third Man Award: Jon Huntsman. Where were you? Donald Trump is not to blame.

Fred Dalton Thompson Award: Fred Dalton Thompson. For hawking reverse mortgages during the ad break. Better career path?

Dean Martin Taking It Easy Award: Rick Perry. Looks smooth, regardless of the rhetorical flubs. (How many choices did we have after the drone was retrieved? 2? Or 3? Who cares? Hit it, Jimmie!)

Ogden Nash Oddly/Comically Ironic Wordsmith Award: Michele Bachmann, for “Newt Romney.”

Mark Twain Stranger Than Fiction/Bad Lip Reading Award: Ron Paul. Sorry, friend


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