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In my Communications courses I put a lot of emphasis with students on the power of analogy — comparing one thing to another as a way of making an argument.  And how bountiful bad analogies are in political rhetoric. Recently in defending the onerous voter ID laws enacted by the GOP here in North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory repeated over (and over and over) that if people should have to show a state ID to buy Sudafed (for reasons obvious to anyone who watches Breaking Bad), they should have to do so in order to cast a ballot. He neglected to mention that voting is a fundamental Constitutional right with no involvement in the production of crystal meth; this point was also painfully missing from most of his interviewers’s lines of questioning. Watch McCrory’s announcement here, in which he saves Sudafed for the clincher in his string of bad analogies to the limitation of a fundamental Constitutional right.


Another to add to the bad-analogy list: The head of the far-right group “The Center for Military Readiness” has recently declared that allowing women into combat roles is “like saying let’s take those cheerleaders and put them into the frontlines of the NFL and football games.”

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McCrory-nc-flagMy op-ed today, written along with Scot Faulkner, on the controversial comments from North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory about liberal arts education — and how McCrory seems to be just one more conservative shouting into the know-nothing conservative echo chamber. Plenty of folks have commented on this, including many friends and colleagues in academia. Our take is a bit different: That McCrory is actually betraying conservative principles. But then again, as Scot and I have been writing over the past weeks, there’s not much left of the conservative movement.

Today, McCrory’s trying to walk back his statements but refuses to acknowledge what he actually said.

Article first published in the Raleigh News & Observer on January 31, 2013.

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Along with the other great speeches tonight from Bill Clinton and others, North Carolina’s own Jim Hunt put the progressive message out in its best form. There’s a reason he served 4 terms as our state’s Governor, and strengthened the University system where I teach.

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My thoughts here on POLITICO about a strange week in politics, here in North Carolina and elsewhere. We’re already getting bombarded by political advertising here in Tar Heel country, as a vital swing state and the host of the Democratic National Convention. The state party has been rocked by scandal, and our recent vote on same-sex marriage equality put us on the national agenda. The past week not only saw the strange re-emergence of birther-in-chief Donald Trump, but also the sad spectacle of John Edwards’ trial here in Greensboro.

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My op-ed in today’s Raleigh News & Observer looks at Obama’s reaction to the anti-marriage equality vote in North Carolina, and how he seized the rhetorical moment.

Here is the ABC interview that made the news:

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